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KABYLIA : The URK Welcomes The Normalization Of Relations Between Morocco and Israel

TAMURT (KABYLIA) - In a statement received by our editorial staff, the Spokesman of the Union for the Kabyle Republic (URK), Lyazid ABID, welcomes the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel. For the URK, Kabylia was forced to wage war against its two friendly countries. Hereinafter the press release in its entirety.

The specificity of governance in Kabylia: challenge and perspectives

USA (TAMURT) - A live debate, on the Pressenza IDA channel (international press agency), will take place on Thursday 1st October at 2:00 p.m. (United States), 7:00 p.m. (Kabylie). The themes will revolve around the challenges and perspectives of the Kabyle people on the march towards their freedom. It will be about politics, economy, education, secularism, the history of Kabylie and the harmful consequences of Islamism and the Algerian regime on the existence of the Kabyle people. Rachid Ait Ali Oukaci, Kabyle activist and Lyazid Abid, URK spokesperson, will be the guests of Rabah Arkam Human rights activist for a good hour of discussion and debate in front of an English-speaking audience.

Slimane Bouhafs: “my life is in danger in Tunisia”

TUNIS (TAMURT) - The Kabyle Christian, Slimane Bouhafs, is still stranded in Tunisia. He had to leave this neighboring country for another European country, since he had been recognized as a refugee by the United Nations. A special identity card and several documents attest to his refugee status. They were issued to him and handed over by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, based in Tunisia.

Christian Slimane Bouhafs flees to Tunisia but still faces death threats

TUNIS (TAMURT) - The Kabyle Christian, Slimane Bouhafs, who has already spent two years in prison because of his non-Muslim religion, has been in Tunisia for several months. Threatened to death in Kabylia by Islamists and the security services, he was obliged to leave everything behind to take refuge abroad.

Congenital diseases reveal a lot about human biology

MEDIA (TAMURT) - And some can be treated—even if there is only one patient. When a clinician showed Dr Nizar’s sons a pain chart, they asked her what the smiley face at one end of the scale meant. The boys do not know, Dr Nizar says, what it is like to live without pain. Not all the diseases caused by calamitously failed single genes are quite that awful. But unlike the more generalised genomic influences on health—those to which everyone is heir, but few know about—people with serious congenital diseases have no escape or respite; their symptoms are inescapable.

Adi Gaskell: “How Narcissistic Leaders Can Destroy Organizations During Covid-19.”

MEDIA (TAMURT) - In many ways, narcissism is indelibly linked to leadership. After all, research has shown that leaders tend to score higher on traits, such as narcissism, than the rest of the population. Indeed, one study found that when a group had no leader, it was typically the person with most narcissistic traits that stepped forward to do the job.

Protection of Kabylia against the Covid-19 pandemic

BERLIN (TAMURT) - "Those who protect themselves protect everyone". Under this motto and according to the traditional social and political organization Tajmaat (village assembly / direct democracy), Kabylians have set up checkpoints in the villages of their country, kabylia, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.
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