Protection of Kabylia against the Covid-19 pandemic


BERLIN (TAMURT) – “Those who protect themselves protect everyone”. Under this motto and according to the traditional social and political organization Tajmaat (village assembly / direct democracy), Kabylians have set up checkpoints in the villages of their country, kabylia, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Although the central government in Algiers has not taken any measures to help the Kabylian people against the pandemic, their repressive forces have banned the checkpoints by removing them . This was an irresponsible action of the regime’s Arab-Islamist colonial power in Algiers. In the minds of the Algiers regime, the struggle of the Kabylian people against the coronavirus “cannot” be lead by any structure but theirs. Otherwise, that would be interpreted as a sign of Kabylia’s will to seek its independence.

Regardless of the machinations of the Algerian government in the country of Kabylia, we want to help the Kabylian people in the fight against this COVID-19 pandemic.
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Masin At Aamar


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