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We are convinced that such space for free speech, added to our site, will help quench Kabylia’s thirst for self-expression in Algeria where independence is marked with our blood. With this motivation, we could not but accept this proposal for creating an open to denounce the mutations that are being inflicted upon Kabylia, {tamurt nneɣ}.

We are, therefore, openly working to counter Algiers bastion’s persecution of the rich cultural diversity in Algeria and, in particular, the Kabyle culture. These delirious minds, having dangerously imposed Arabic as THE language and Islam as THE religion for all, have outraged the Kabyles who will fight by all means available this ethnocentric policy. This disastrous policy was initiated by Pan-Arabism Baathists, who are condemned by history, and which our mythomaniac leaders still deny, hiding behind a pseudo-pluralism which is no longer deceiving.

This ethnocide is seen daily in form of censorship of means of expression. Radio Soumam, though run by the state, still presents a threat because of the hosts who are so well versed in the Kabyle language, a legacy left behind by si Muh u Umhend and Dda Lmulud. Radio Djurdjura will be launched only after the usurpers in Algiers and their local relays are assured to be in control.
_ At the same time, the leadership in Algiers is pulling sly maneuvers by organizing festivities in Kabylia, similar to the recent Amazigh Film Festival in Tizi Wezzu, where so-called cultural performances were generously rewarded with money. It is these very leaders who, in 2001, ordered the shooting, point blank, of 128 of our youth, and who dared sponsor the festival with their hands stained with the blood of our youth.

_ This festival is nothing but a lure, which should be taken as a warning of what harsher maneuver is next against our identity from those who have sworn the Kabyle language (Tamazight) will never be an official language of independent Algeria. How can we not see this money as a poison hidden in a candy? Who, among Kabyles, has any more doubts about this cultural genocide against Kabyles? We no longer expect anything from the current leadership

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_ Lyazid Abid

_ Translated by Mezache