Religious prosecution in Algeria – Church burning in Kabylia



  1. Very self-explanotory article ..
    Agree about what you said about the Algerian Government ..His mission is to blindly Islamize the people….and also the North african Governments in General have Two faces the hidden one islamizing the people and make them as stupid as not making the difference between life and death.and the other face is the one that they show to the world as a democratic and working for the best of its people.
    and now we are in an era that those Governments cant Hide anymore thats the internet Era and everybody has access to the information ..and its Just the beginning of the end of all the oppressive governement all over the world …long live Kabylia.

    • Thank you.

      It is the application of Dhummity – Status and punishmant of Non-Muslims an non-Arabs i general under Islam. The Algerian Government is an Islamic Government (see constitution) – And church burning is in the koran andhadiths. (see a well researched book about the topic – title:The 3rd way. A presentation of the book by the author is available on – Is is the core of slam, not only governments.


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