Break in Relations between Kabylia and Algeria

Kabylia independent
Kabylia independent

GERMANY (Tamurt) – One way, one target ” independence of kabylia” , the multiple marches and meetings took apart both in kabylia and overseas showed clearly, during the commemoration of the last black spring of kabylia in April, 20th, that ” its drug is to tear the country!” as the wise man, Matoub Lounes exhorted.

In fact, through the history, kabylia rejected charia and Wahhabism in the middle of the 18th century after the agreement signed by a confederation of villages authorizing the disinheritance of women , in complete opposition to Islamic law . And, Since the independence of Algeria in 1962 till 2001, kabylians had been exerting so much energy to be Algerians through pacific and democratic process but in vain, despite of its millions of men and women killed and injured during war 1954-1962. More than 128 young men killed with real bullets and other hundreds injured in 2001, by Algiers authority, only because these men and women, with their bare hands, marched to the capital Algiers, to ask for their basic fundamental rights and claim their existence.

So, Algeria has been aiming to exterminate kabylia by spreading Wahhabism and Arabism among its population is very known since along time ago. But, as far as ” TUGDUT” or the so called democracy was not imported but was born in North Africa, kabylians chose the resistance and stickiness to the sacred heritage which is freedom and democracy.