The First Anniversary and Some Resolutions


A year has already gone by since the creation of on 12 January 2010 (Amenzu n Yennayer 2010), which has enhanced the Kabyle media landscape.

Day after day, ever since, the editorial team and webmasters have spared no effort to inform
you of events taking place in Kabylia and report activities of our Kabyle community, which
is spread around the world. Information is communicated in Kabyle, French, English and
German, the four languages that we feel are most dedicated to the struggle of our people.

Such enterprise has, of course, trampled its way to cruise speed today. Lack of experience
and organizational skills, hazards of online publishing, coordination deficiencies between
various editions and the scarcity of serious and competent correspondents who are
devoted to the cause have put the future of this news website at risk. Therefore, it requires
immediate and durable solutions.

Tamurt’s team has, against all these difficulties, enjoyed the results of their excellent
performance thus far: near one million unique visitors and no less than 1000 publications.
Google News trusts as an editor of reliable news.

Our effort to live up to the trust of our dear readers always takes us farther. Thanks not
only to your understanding and indulgence, but also to your vigilance and demands, we
are becoming an important news media alongside others like,,, and,

Looking ahead, in view of offering very soon a wider range of services, including the radio,
the web-TV and an online boutique featuring exclusively Kabyle products, Tamurt group was
incorporated in early 2011 with a capital of 25 000 €. It is registered with the Commerce
Court of Munich, Germany. will celebrate its first anniversary on 12 January 2011 (Amanzu n Yennayer
2961). To this effect, Tamurt’s editorial team and technicians express their best wishes of
good health and prosperity, and the freedom of Kabylia.

We hope to see more and more of you read us, and we assure you of our unfailing
determination to inform you of all events taking place in Kabylia. We will spare no effort or
mean to free Kabylia. May 2961 be the year of our freedom !

{{ editorial staff}}