US Travel Warning for Kabylia


I wonder if this warning is issued just as “forwarded” by the algerian authorities, or there had been real investigation to prove it genuine!

I have never seen an american in Kabylia!
So, instead of issuing warnings about terrorism in Kabylia, start first to find out who these terrorists are.

And before stating terrorist attacks are against foreign targets, and specifically against American targets, please, note that over 150,000 algerians have been killed by real Islamists/terrorists.

None of the algerian government (Mafia) interests have ever been touched.

Only the people suffered. Crying for help. For years. All nations were deaf at that time. Well, they still are.

Of course, today, economical interests go first before human values and dignity. And one has to be “politically correct” nowadays. Isn’ it? I call it lying. Not telling the truth.

When the presidents of all countries cannot tell the truth, who could then?
Only kids?

When I read that Sarkozi sent a telegram to Bouteflika to gratulate him, with such words as “‘ let me heartily congratulate you for this democratic election,…blabla bla…”.
Amazing isn’it?

What else could one expect?

The corrupted algerian government created this “terrorist”-monster. it placed it amid the people to create fear. This way, this UNO-blessed Mafia could go on and swallow the big cake.

They will never get enough. Their bellies are too elastic, otherwise they would have blown since long!

Back to Kabylia :

It is no secret to anyone, anymore, that Kabylia has always been fighting against islamists as well as against the dictatorial algerian government.

Kabylia is and has always been fighting for democracy and freedom. Always.

Nowadays, the algerian government is doing everything possible to bring her down on her knees; Drugs, prostitution, unemployment and islamism are all means to destroy this area.

At the time of real terrorism, Kabylia was the only region which was safe to live in.

All Kabyles used to have hunting guns, and they used them to fight whenever a terrorist group tried to get in.

Then, our government (No, Actually, not ours. We never recognized it as such. We have now our Provisionnal Governement of Kabylia) sent the “gendarmerie” to take away all these guns. And they leave you. Alone, of course. They never show up when there are “terrorists” around.

Now, after that so-called “black decade”, the “black spring” (where over 120 kabylian youths have been killed and thousands injured by the military, and up to now no one has been judged for these crimes) the government sends over 50% of the algerian army to Kabylia. What are they doing there? Fighting terrorists? The ones they sent to Kabylia to justify the military presence? Come on. We are fed up of all these.

Of course, even the (controlled)newspapers report very often about killed terrorists in Kabylia and this and that, but never a name or a picture. Never.

Oh, yes. They put on fire on the old kabylian olive trees. I do not know how many hectares have been destroyed so far, And if you try to extinguish it (even when it gets near to the inhabitants), the military will not let you.

Hello World. Wonderful World. Horrible world. Any human beings out there?


  1. Hi tamurt. info,

    thanks for saying the truth about this great and beautyful but sad area in Algeria…

    The only people who did right were the people of Tazmalt… they never gave away their wepons and they never will, as long as the situation is like this in Kabylia. Even though they are peaceful people…

    I hope you will find some human beings out there, to help!… these people in Kabylia, who are fighting all their life for justice and peaceful living, they deserve a little attention and help from the western world.


    • Corrupted Government officials from Algeria are the ones who did all the killings
      They are the terrorist ,they have been all trained as commandos from the Military .
      even Les Moines de Teberrine the peaceful monks been all assassinated with no raison just to create a terror in the country
      that why I believe all the civilized government have to wake up now and stop supporting the actual government in place before it turns like Tunisia and Egypt
      then you will discredited from the new up coming new Gov.
      Please help us to restore democracy in all those Banana Republics Include ours ( Algeria )

  2. Kabylia is a big issue. I am more and more convinced that outsourced support will never come from those who need Saharas Gas and oil. Hepl from the EU,USA or any other so-called ” human rights champion of the word” will remain an utopic point of view.Even if kabylian people would have a kind of ” Dalai Lama” travelling worldwide to look for a solution, will not succeed.The only way goes trough a fight of kabylian people themselves and the MAK (Movementfor the Autonomy of Kabylia).The first target is to reach a massif support of the people living in Kabylia. If you get more 90% ( see south Soudan),and introduce a an own regional governement,all these self made deseases(high desemployment rate , prostitution, Terrorism,islamism, etc..) will desappear, warning travel included.

  3. This US trap warning for Kabylia means that the US is an ally of the colonialist and terrorist state of Algeria that sponsors the terrorist groups in Kabylia!

    • Everybody recalls that Ferhat Mehenni warned his Kabyle people about the criminal intentions of the colonial terrorist Bouteflika who transfered his terrorist groups into the Kabyle nation in order to internationally isolate it!

      The US and the EU seem that they advocate a genocidal arabo-islamo-fascist democracy in Algeria and everywhere in the pseudo-Arab world! This amply explains this fucking or fake travel warning!

      I advise the Kabyle nation to not trust anyone or any power in the world that doesn’t advocate openly our human freedom and our human rights!

      Long Live free Kabylia!

  4. Oh well;

    I am a Kabyle American, and can say this I believe: It’s for the best ! – We don’t ned any Yankees. The algerian regime would not exist without the support of OIL ADDICTED beats. US economy depends on it, just as it depend on the ISLAMO-TERRORISTS.

    Yes Kabylians are a danger to the American interest, because we are immune to the pill they have given to the rest of north Africans, after prescribing it to the arab world of the middle east.

    Now, that Arabs understood, the value of their resources, it will be sooner than later, that these restrictions will have for cause: Not yankee immigrants allowed in Kabylia, and not long after, that it will become Algeria, and one day Africa.

    Well, that’s Obama and his sister Clinton for you. Don’t you forget that Bill Clinton, could have prevented the massacre of 800 000 victims in Congo, but KNOWINGLY did not. He was busy around a 19 years old intern, next door to the author of this travel warning, i.e. Hilary – She authorizes these alerts !

    Terrorism is a very lucrative enterprise, with osama, mubarek, elsaoud, dz-drs, gspc, musharef, etc… as main actors.

    Obama/Hilary re-election is around the corner, and I will expose them to FOX News, and other critix – the Republican LOUD SPEAKER !

    Thanks for reporting this.


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