Welcome – 0. Welcome home : “Tamurt” !


Welcome home : “Tamurt” !

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new online newspaper http://wwww.tamurt.info. Dedicated to the diffusion of information from and about Kabylia, it is projected to be your best source of information and reporting about Kabylia and its People. The launch date is scheduled to coincide with Yennayer 2960, the new year’s day of the Amazigh and Kabyle Calendar, celebrated on January 12th every year.

Edited in Kabyle, French, German, and English, tamurt.info will provide the Kabyle perspective on all subjects as they relate to Kabyles and Kabylia from the four corners of the globe.

The team is growing by the minute and spots to joint our network of volunteers are available to various talents from columnists to correspondents, caricaturist, graphic artists, and all that contribute to bring Kabylia to forefront of the information age, and escape the sequestration to which it is subjected in close and restrictive Algeria.

We are volunteers, but we work with professionalism and, the profound desire to provide Kabylia, its values and culture the visibility they deserve; and nourish the tender sentiment of belonging to the Kabyle Country shared by all its children and friends, with the hope that wherever they are, they will defend our homeland’s ( tamurt-nneɣ ) supreme interests.

Submit all inquiries to :

Publication : Lyazid Abid,

Editor : Deutsch-Kabylische Freundschaft. e.V.

Thank you,

See you there -> http://www.tamurt.info

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