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Azul ! Good Morning Radio Tamurt !

We are convinced that such space for free speech, added to our site, will help quench Kabylia’s thirst for self-expression in Algeria where independence is marked with our blood. With this motivation, we could not but accept this proposal for creating an open to denounce the mutations that are being inflicted upon Kabylia, tamurt nneɣ.

Looking back in time – Memories from my School days

I still remember those days...

Such was our fate… Such was our fate in those days

As explained previously (continuation of the article [memories from my school days->,173.html?lang=en]), my fellow people and I were thrown in the arena of a mischievous plot.

Memories from my School days – New article

I still remember those days, in the primary school of Isli n Umyis 1, not far than 1970’s, at the age of six, when I went to school for the first time. Before then, I never met any Arabic-speaking people. The rare ones, appearing in the village were the beggars, whom, as was the custom, were given dried figs, olive oil or any other kind of food.

Algerian Regime, Bouteflika The other Musharef

For several months now, the Algerian controlled Press engaged in a series of misrepresentations of the US-Algerian relations, describing them as being at their best ever. Not that they actually are, but Bouteflika’s fictitious “diplomatic know how”, is once again needed for diversion, and what better artifact than a US General or civilian Official’s visit, as short as that may be, to serve as hard evidence. The tone used to describe visits by Americans in general, is such that, it leads Algerians, particularly the military Junta, to believe that Bouteflika is solicited for his “know How” and thus “protected/supported” by the masters of this world - That is not the case so! To the observers, here in Washington, these diplomatic and military movements are rather understood to be a sign that the Obama Administration is finally moving away from Bush’s policy of containment of African dictators – Particularly those in the northern parts of the continent, where America’s sworn enemy, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) seem to have found a safe home. To those following the situation closely, here in Washington, these visits are rather read as a signal that President Obama is following up on his warnings to them, in his summer 2009 speech, from Egypt.

From Lyazid Abid: Azul !

With serenity and hope, we celebrate the 2960th Yennayer, since the victory of our forefather and King Cacnaq over the reputable Pharos. From the depths of this facinating Amazigh history,, your newest link to Kabylia, wishes you a year full of good health and happiness. Tamurt's team of editors amasses all its wishes that, this year will be the one which will spare us from the sentiment of lack of accomplishment, and for good position us on the path to of control of our destiny.

Archeology – Bones of giants found in Kabylia

Last September, bones discovered in a construction site in the province of Tuvirett (Bouira), in High Kabylia, reveal the presence of giants at the location. Indeed, one fully reconstructed skeleton of a woman holding a baby in her arms, resulted in an adult over 2 meters and half, approximately 9 to 10 feet, tall.

Djurdjura, Forever Free – Magnificient Kabylia – more…

Once referred to by Europeans and other north Africans as "Little Switzerland", Kabylia is chanted by its own with "Beautiful, rebeleous and eternal" -

Hilary’s Warning

Later this evening Mme Secretary and US Foreign Policy Chief, Hilary Clinton, will give a speech portrayed as a warning to China, Middles and north African regimes.

Welcome home “Tamurt” !

Novelties for the Kabyle media. Welcome home : "Tamurt" ! We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new online newspaper Dedicated to the diffusion of information from and about Kabylia, it is projected to be your best source of information and reporting about Kabylia and its People. The launch date is scheduled to coincide with Yennayer 2960, the new year's day of the Amazigh and Kabyle Calendar, celebrated on January 12th every year.
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