Tiwizi’s letter to the manager at the Department of Commerce –...

TIWIZI considers that the Amazigh people, although geographically included in the so-called MENA region, such geographical designation lumping the Middle East and North Africa does not serve the interests of the Kabyle and Amazigh people.

Insecurity in Kabylia – An Algerian general « Securing Tizi-Ouzou is...

The National Security General Director, general Abdelghani Hamel has declared last Sunday that “Securing Tizi Ouzou was not an easy thing”.

Azul ! Good Morning Radio Tamurt !

The necessity of putting in place means of free speech, which are up to date and in resonance with our cultural demands, was expressed to us by Muhand and Karim in their proposal to create Radio Tamurt. This excellent idea consists in launching this radio under our web site tamurt.info.

From Lyazid Abid – Azul !

With serenity and hope, we celebrate the 2960th Yennayer, since the victory of our forefather and King Cacnaq over the reputable Pharos. From the depths of this facinating Amazigh history, tamurt.info, your newest link to Kabylia, wishes you a year full of good health and happiness. Tamurt's team of editors amasses all its wishes that, this year will be the one which will spare us from the sentiment of lack of accomplishment, and for good position us on the path to of control of our destiny.

Djurdjura, Forever Free – Magnificient Kabylia – more…

Once referred to by Europeans and other north Africans as "Little Switzerland", Kabylia is chanted by its own with "Beautiful, rebeleous and eternal" -

Welcome – 0. Welcome home : “Tamurt” !

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