The forfeiture of Algerian nationality: yet another proof of the rejection of the Kabyles

Kader Dahdah
Kader Dahdah

KABYLIA (TAMURT) – The Kabyle people number more than ten million citizens. Throughout history, culture, language, it has demonstrated its attachment to its Amazigh identity. This identity has been shaped and defended for millennia by its illustrious Men and Women, such as Dihya, Fatma n Soumer, Taous Amrouche, Massinissa, Juba, Saint Γilas 1er, Saint-Augustin, Boulifa, M’barek Aït Menguellet, Amar Ould Hamouda, then by the current generation made up of very alert young Kabyle people.

This generation now realizes the betrayal of Algeria. Kabylia remains colonized despite its commitment to the liberation struggle against French colonialism. Since 1962, Algeria, which was our ally against France, has become our enemy by spending colossal budgets, using violence, inhuman practices to eradicate our language, our culture, our identity and to impose the Arabic language on us. imported from the Middle East.

The mafia of the Algerian colonial system, by grinding the nationality code, has just prepared a preliminary draft for the deprivation of nationality, which targets all people “who are seriously prejudicial to the interests of the State or who undermine national unity ”but also“ anyone who collaborates with an enemy state ”. This text, which contradicts all international rules of protection against statelessness, ratified by Algeria, only concerns people who are abroad.

It is easy to understand that this bill is prepared in the first place against all the Kabylians who militate either for regionalization or for the autonomy or the independence of Kabylia.

The vast majority of Kabyles living abroad believe that Algerian nationality with their passport is not a privilege, but a heavy burden to bear. It designates its holder as a potential Islamist terrorist. This Algerian passport is a handicap for traveling. Many countries are suspicious of the bearers of this green passport.

There is no word in the Kabyle language on any official documents; ( national identity card, passport, driver’s license, family record book …) that the colonial administration requires us to hold. These documents identify us as Arab citizens and not Amaziɣ.
It is in this perspective that the URK (Union for Kabyle Republic) is putting all its efforts to sensitize foreign countries so that they recognize Kabylia, its people, its identity and its own documents, identity card, passport, etc.

The instrumentalisation of the nationality code against the regionalists, the autonomists and the independentists clearly demonstrates the hatred that Algeria has towards our people. Therefore, this proves the correctness of our peaceful struggle to liberate our homeland from the Arab-Algerian occupation.

Yuva DAHDAH, Secretary General of the Union for Kabyle Republic (URK)


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