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Amazigh North Africa, the West, and the Arab-Islamic Tyranny

The totalitarian Arab-Islamic tyranny in North Africa severely hampers the unearthing and revival of Libya’s, Tunisia’s, Algeria’s and Morocco’s ancestral Amazigh identity, language, culture, and civilization. The West, which has amply proven to be an ally of the barbaric Islamic totalitarianism, stubbornly persists to baptize the Amazigh peoples’ homeland—North Africa—as an Arab territory.

5 years Amazigh Film-Festival Issni N Ourgh

the fifth edition of the International Film Festival Issni N Ourgh that will take place from the 06th to 09th October 2011

Insecurity in Kabylia – An Algerian general « Securing Tizi-Ouzou is not evident »

The National Security General Director, general Abdelghani Hamel has declared last Sunday that “Securing Tizi Ouzou was not an easy thing”.

US Travel Warning for Kabylia

I wonder if this warning is issued just as "forwarded" by the algerian authorities, or there had been real investigation to prove it genuine!

The First Anniversary and Some Resolutions

A year has already gone by since the creation of on 12 January 2010 (Amenzu n Yennayer 2010), which has enhanced the Kabyle media landscape.
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