Stand Up For The Culture And Never Surrender!


KABYLIA (Tamurt) – More free man, free woman living under Algerian government, more life in kabylia transforms into merely disaster in the name of Allah and the dictatorship of the gouverner Bouteflika.

Several conferences were going to take place in Aokas district, 24 km from the town Bgayet ” Bejaïa”  and Tizi Ouzou banned by local authorities.  banned deliberately, although it goes just against Algerian constitution, the freedom of speech, freedom of “Say” is considered as bullying among the communities of culture, has no place in the civilized world.

Next July, 29th, the writer and journalist Chawki  Amari, is going to hold his conference in The house of culture wrecked the 22nd, July by the police forces. Theme will be  ” la literature et engagement politique” organized by le café littéraire of Aokas.

Instead of beating up our free women and free men  like Ghilas Ainouch honored by one of Trump’s administrations in Algeria for his amazing caricatures, here  July 29th, we will supply you different books to read with us. This is our only arms.

Aksil Amari


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